Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the next auction?

Please visit our worldwide Auction Calendar which lists the date and location of our auctions.

How can I bid ?

London Gallery Auctions bidding system allows you to bid via Internet so you may participate from the comfort of your home from anyware in the word using computer, tablet or mobile phone.

London Gallery Auctions utilizes customizableInvaluable auction platform designed specifically to run from London Gallery auction house’sown website. Also you can bid directly from iCollector website:

Auctionzip website:

What is the usual speed of the auction?

It is impossible to know the exact time when a lot be offered during the auction. The usual speed of our auctioneer is 30-40 lots per hour.

What are the terms for buying at London Gallery Auctions ?

A successful bidder is required to pay the final bid price, plus the buyer’s premium (percentage on top of the final bid price).

How do I pay for my purchase ?

Successful bidders receive payment and shipping instructions with their invoice, which is e-mailed within 24 hours after the sale. We accept wire transfers, bank checks, credit cards and Paypal. We wait 10 business days until a check is clear. All transactions above $5000 are subject to wire transfer transaction.

Can I leave and Absentee Bid ?

Yes. Select the lot you wish to bid. Enter your bid amount and click Leave Bid. You can place a maximum bid that is your best bet at winning an auction without having to continually return to your computer to check on it.

Why when I placed a bid did it immediately tell me I was outbid?

When this happens, it means that another user had already set up a Maximum Absentee Bid for an amount higher than the bid you placed. To set A Maximum Absentee Bid, simply type in the highest amount you would be willing to pay and click Leave Bid button. Our system will automatically outbid others until you Maximum Absentee Bid is reached. If you do not remember what placed as your Maximum Absentee Bid, just look at your watch list.

Do you ship outside of the US ?

Yes, we do ship outside of the US. We have many customers in Europe, Central America, China and Far East.

How do I know my item is not been misrepresented?

A lot of items that we sell are accompanied by Appraisal Certificate from Independent appraising companies. Yet, whether a listing advertises a certificate or not, we stand by our product. Should you have legitimate reason to believe the your item is not real, we will investigate the matter diligently and , if appropriate, gladly allow for the item’s return.

How does proxy bidding work?

The proxy bidding system allows bidders to place a maximum bid over the current acceptable bid for a given item. With this system, the software will bid on behalf of the user until their Maximum Absentee Bid is reached or they win the lot. Most users find the proxy bidding system more enjoyable as they can place the maximum they are willing to pay for an item and let the system handle the bidding for them. Your Maximum Absentee Bid is kept confidential from the other users.

Is my personal information protected?

We are aware that you may have concerns over disclosing information. Your privacy is very important to us. London Gallery Auctions is fully committed to protecting your right to privacy within our on-line auction community. London Gallery Auctions does not market, sell, rent or otherwise release registered user information to third parties.

For site security purposes, London Gallery Auctions website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption for all web communications. This encryption is the highest level of security possible for network communication, and ensures users that their user information such as credit card information and passwords will not be vulnerable to hackers via the Internet or physically via internet breaches

What is live bidding ?

Online live bidding allows a buyer to participate in an auction sale through the Internet without being physically present at the auction room floor. It provides users with the option of bidding live during the auction and/or placing absentee bids for auction events they are unable to attend.

What technology do I need to participate in an Online Live Bidding?

You need to be connected to the Internet and your computer system needs to meet these minimum requirements for the London Gallery Auctions Online Auctions Live Bidding Software to function properly.


Internet Requirements

The bidding web-app can be run over slower internet connections; however a faster internet connection is strongly advised. Slower connections can result in delayed communications. If the auction offers a live audio/video stream a slow internet connection may not be sufficient (the audio/video stream can be stopped to save bandwidth).

Hardware Requirements

Any reasonably modern computer should be able to run our live bidding web-app. As always the newer the computer the more likely it will perform well.

Web Browser Requirements

Most modern web browsers will run our software, including:
Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (10+), Safari (7+), Opera, and more…

Who pays for the shipping?

Bidders are responsible for shipping costs and for making shipping arrangements.

Who pays for the shipping?

Bidders are responsible for shipping costs and for making shipping arrangements.

What are pre sale estimates ?

A pre sale estimate is the Hi and Low price range we expect the item to sell for. In most cases the item should not sell below the Low estimate.

How are pre sale estimates determined ?

We use current market conditions, dealer demand, previous auction results as well as sales results from other private sellers to determine the desirability and expected demand for an item. Under normal conditions we do not expect an item to exceed the Hi estimate we have established for an item. Of course if an item is desired by at least two or more aggressive bidders, the Hi estimate may be exceeded.