How to consign with London Gallery Auctions?

Are you too busy or don’t know how to sell online?

London Gallery Auctions is a leading online auction site that specializes in luxury products. If you are too busy too busy to run after individual buyers or do not know how to sell your luxury goods online, then London Gallery Auctions is just the place for you. We are actively seeking items to consign. We take the inconvenience of you selling your merchandise and streamline the process.

How to Consign with us

To consign with us all you have to do is contact us and describe the items you want to sell. You may email us pictures of your product or even bring your item to us for discussion.

After we agree on a fair selling price, you will be required to sign our consignment agreement and leave the items at our location.

How does London Gallery Auctions sell items?

Once a seller has signed our consignment form and handed over the items to London Gallery Auctions, we then describe the items for our online sales catalog. All the products on our website are appraised by independent, third-party appraisal firms. Following this, our professional photographer takes pictures of the items for our website. Then the item will be listed for sale in an upcoming London Gallery Auction with exposure to our worldwide audience of proven buyers.

It’s that simple. No chasing buyers, no shipping or answering the many questions of buyer- that’s our job.

How do I receive payment for my item?

Once we place your product in an auction, it will be sold to the highest bidder. When we receive payment for the sold item, we will dispatch your check. We will deduct from the selling price the previously agreed upon fees and commission.