Invaluable online auction

As the needs of auction participants are evolving rapidly so is the auction market. The most significant change in the way auctions are conducted has been the introduction of online auctions, where one can browse catalogs and bid on lots from the comfort of their home.

Invaluable online auction is the largest auction site on the internet where you can find everything from fine wines to antiquities and furniture to minerals. Invaluable is a marketplace that holds online auctions for major auction houses and helps connect buyers and sellers in the cyberspace. The best thing about online jewellery auctions is that bidders are more open to buying from small auction houses now. Invaluable’s innovative business model has allowed the company to see massive growths, with the third quarter of 2015 undergoing record-breaking growth. This is also a testament to the popularity of online auctions where more and more bidders have started participating. In fact now users can simply partake in auctions using their smartphones.

Invaluable online auctions for jewelry also offer sought after jewelry items, including gem stones and vintage jewelry. Whether you’re a jewelry connoisseur or a young woman who has just developed an interest in fine jewelry, Invaluable’s online auctions are bound to offer lots you will want to bid on. Browse their website to view upcoming online jewellery auctions– they often hold multiple jewelry auctions per day. If you’re a diamond enthusiast, then invaluable online auctions lots will be of great interest to you, where you can find items with estimates as low as $1000.

If you’re new to the world of online jewellery auctions some of the jargon may overwhelm you. In layman terms ‘estate’ jewelry is any piece of jewelry that has been worn or used before. A piece of jewelry older than 100 hours will be labeled as an antique. Being between 20 and 100 years of age makes an item vintage.

Online auctions bring the auction room to people who have never before had the connections, expertise or money to participate in large scale auctions. On November 11th the Blue Moon Diamond, the world’s largest flawless blue diamond, was made a part of Sotheby’s online jewellery auction where thousands of people across the world could bid on it. At Christie’s too jewellery sales reached an all-time peak reaching $750 million in 2014, with much of these sales being made online.

As a new bidder you may want to do your research before you enter into the daunting world of online bidding. Before placing a bid make sure you get a good look at the pictures, hallmarks, description and appraisal of the lot you are bidding on. While most of the online auction sites are of great reputation, new bidders may sometimes fall into scams that operate online. If you feel that a deal is too good to be true, it might just be. This is why it is important to bid using an established online jewellery auction site such as Invaluable.