London Gallery Auctions Privacy

Given the rapidly changing nature of the technology and business world, our privacy policies are subject to change.  Changes to our policy will be published on our website. A significant change will merit announcement on the website thirty days before the implementation of the change and registered users will be informed.

1) Information Collection

Our site gathers information through two sources: (1) when you navigate our web page tracking information is collected and (2) when you register with us you are asked to provide personal details.

Tracking Information

Tracking Information refers to the information that is stored when a visitor to our website makes a request. The reports collated using this information allow us to make decisions regarding the website, for instance by letting us know what pages attract the most visitors or how long users stay on the site.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information is the information specific to you, such as your name, address, email address, etc. that you provide to us through user submitted forms. When you subscribe with us, you will be required to provide credit card information that we will need for our billing process. Personally Identifiable Information will not be collected without your consent- you will be asked for this information, and it is only obtained through a form that you fill.


Small text files sent to your browser and occasionally stored on your computer are referred to as ‘cookies’. Our web server assigns a unique number to your device that allows us to recognize your computer. This means that once you sign in to our website once, you will not have to identify yourself repeatedly- our cookies will do this.

You can choose to disable cookies on your device, however doing so will prevent you from using features of our website that require registration or subscription.

2) Information Usage

The information we receive is used by London Gallery Auctions for the following purposes:

Tracking usage for decision making and evolution

Our business’ success depends on how quickly we can assess how our users use our product and what features they use the most, to create better business development strategies. Tracking the way you use our website thus helps us enhance our business.

Tracking and facilitating communication

Our registered users can share items of interest with their friends or communicate with auction houses. Having access to your registered email allows us to expedite your communication with other entities. Users can communicate directly only with those auction houses that provide us the permission to do so.

Emails exchanged between auction houses and registered users may be saved and if an auction house requests more information on a user we may provide them with it, given that we deem it in our interest to do so. We reserve the right to prohibit users from communicating with a specific auction house or completely revoke their entitlement to communicate with all auction houses if doing so is in our interest.

Subscription Billing

London Gallery Auctions charges subscription fees for some of our services- to pay for subscription level products and services we will acquire and save your credit card information. To process credit card payments, we will share this information with third party entities.

Controlling Access

To gain access to paid subscription services, users have to enter a username and password. Every time this is done, we check your subscription status and allow you access to those products that you are eligible to access.

Communicating with users

Although we communicate with users primarily via email, we may sometimes make use of phone calls or mail to intimate users of account and subscription related issues.

We may use your information to send you e-mails and letters for products and services offered by London Gallery Auctions, or to ascertain your interest them. You may choose not to receive these emails and letters.

Compliance with Legal Processes

Although we store your personal information for our use only, we may provide it to another entity if we are required to do so by law. Keeping your personal information secure is one of our utmost concerns, however so is complying with legal processes.

We will disclose personal information only under the following circumstances: 1) to comply with the law or a legal process; 2) to secure our property and rights; 3) to defend against the unauthorized use of London Gallery Auctions data; 4) to prevent identity theft and protect the safety of other users.

Sharing your Personally Identifiable Information

We may in some circumstances rely on third party entities to help us deliver our products and services. Under these conditions, we will share your personal information with other companies, such as a shipping company. These companies will only use this information to deliver the product or service to you.

In the scenario that we London Gallery Auctions plans to merge business or be acquired by another business entity, we will have to provide your personal information to the entity under question. If such a merger takes place, we will ensure that the newly formed entity follow London Gallery Auctions’ privacy policy.

If you are in the antiques, art or auction business, London Gallery Auctions reserves the right to use your firm’s name on our directory or website as part of our promotional endeavors. Your emails to London Gallery Auctions will not be used for advertising purposes without your explicit consent.

Advertising with London Gallery Auctions

London Gallery Auctions may allow external entities to extract information during your visits our website. This includes both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information, which they will then use to market products and services that you are likely to be interested in.

3) Changing Personal Information

The information you to provide to us via our information forms will be accessible to you at all points, and you may review and revise this information if you wish. You will not, however have access to tracking information.

4) Email Policy

Service and product email

As a registered user, you will receive from us emails about your account. These will include order confirmations, expiration notices, etc. You may also receive emails regarding upcoming auctions and online discussions. However you can choose to discontinue receiving such emails.

Auction houses may respond to emails you send them using your registered email address.

Newsletters and promotional Emails

You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe our email newsletters, following the ‘unsubscribe’ instructions that are given at the end of each newsletter.

We may also send you emails regarding products and services that we think may be of your interest. To discontinue receiving these emails, you can follow the instructions given at the end of each promotional email.

5) Keeping Information Secure

Safeguarding the personal information you provide us with is a foremost concern of ours. To this end, we ensure that the processes we use to acquire and store your information, including credit card details, are extremely secure. As a subscriber, you can make changes to your registration or subscription information, barring credit card information that may not be viewed or changed.

You are requested to remember your password (or note it down) and not share it with others. Be sure to sign out of your account and close your browser after you are done browsing the website to ensure that other people who use your computer do not have access to your London Gallery Auctions account.

London Gallery Auctions website may contain links to other websites that are not affiliated with us, which may not always have the same privacy policy as us. It is your responsibility to review the policies of other websites you visit, even if you find their links on London Gallery Auctions’ websites.


In case you are of the opinion that we are not acting in compliance with our privacy policy, you may contact us.