Luxury Auction

Luxury Auction Secrets for Sellers

In the last section, we shared with you some tips for buyers on winning items in a luxury auction for the best price possible. Now we will reveal how sellers can make sure that they get the most money possible when listing their item for sell in a luxury auction.

This section assumes that the seller already has an account with a reputable online luxury auction house in mind to sell their items. We have discussed how both buyers and sellers can find the right luxury auction site that suits their needs, so by now you should have an idea of where you plan of listing your item.

Luxury Auction Seller Secrets

Listen up, sellers. We’re going to share with you the secrets of creating a listing with a luxury auction site that will make sure that your item sells for as much as possible. Chances are, the luxury item that you plan on selling is worth a relatively large amount of money, so why would you fool around with your own money by creating a lackluster listing in a luxury auction?

In order for sellers to get the most out of their luxury items, first put yourself in the shoes of your prospective buyers. The first thing to do when creating a listing for your item in a luxury auction is to make sure that you have several very good looking pictures of your item on hand. Never use stock photos because buyers may recognize that as a fake item. Always use real photos that are clean and clear. What do I mean by clean and clear? Use a camera with the highest resolution available. In most cases, a camera phone with 6 megapixels or higher will work.

When photographing your item, you should also make sure that you have a clear background. A white or solid color bed sheet is almost always a good idea. Lay you item on the bed sheet and take a close up photo of your item. Make sure that the photos are in focus, too. No buyer will place an extravagant bid on an item where the photo is blurry in the listing. Take a photo from every angle of your item and make sure that you have pictures of the item from every side. If buyers are going to be spending a lot of money on your item, they will want to see what they are getting just as if they could hold the item in their hands. For jewelry, it might also be a good idea to model it by taking a photo of yourself wearing the item so that they buyers can envision themselves wearing it, too.

When it comes to writing the product description, don’t leave anything out. Buyers will want to know the measurements, weight, what it is made form, and karats or types of gems in jewelry, the maker or designer brand, etc. If your item has any defects, scratches, or problems that you think the buy should be aware of, be sure to describe those as well. Buyers in a luxury auction do not like surprises.

Follow these tips and sellers can be sure that their item will be sold for as much as possible in a luxury auction.