Jewelry Auction Sites

Selling in Jewelry Auctions Online

If you have jewelry that you are considering selling, you can have it appraised and sell it to a jewelry retailer or wholesaler, but how do you know that they will give you an honest price for what it is worth? Most brick and mortar jewelry buyers pay a fraction of what the jewelry is actually worth so that they can cut a large profit. This is why jewelry auctions online is becoming so popular and profitable among people who want to sell their jewelry.

Selling the jewelry in your collection is also a great way to make large amounts of money in a short amount of time. Sellers in jewelry auctions online are often surprised to find out that their jewelry is worth much more than they thought. Sellers also have the opportunity to give their jewelry a new home where it will be appreciated.

We have looked at all of the benefits to buyers in jewelry auctions online, but what are the best ways for sellers to benefit from jewelry auctions online?

How to sell in jewelry auctions online

Once you have located your reputable online auction house, it’s time to place your jewelry up for auction online. As with all jewelry auctions online, you will first need to register and make an account with your online auction house. Provide some basic information, email address and fill out a brief description on your profile so that other buyers and sellers know that they can trust you. Reputable online auction houses are communities built on trust of both the buyer, sellers, and the online auction houses themselves.

Take several photographs of the item you are selling in the jewelry auctions online. Place your item on a clean surface with a solid color background when taking pictures, such as a bed sheet. Your pictures should be taken in good lighting and from every angle of the item including the front, back, up close and the entire chain for necklaces and pendants. Since buyers in jewelry auctions online cannot see or hold the item that you are selling, taking photographs of the entire item will help you sell your jewelry quicker and for much more.

When it comes time to write a description of the item you are selling in jewelry auctions online, being as descriptive as possible will help sell your item. While no personal background of the item is necessary, sellers should include the item’s maker or brand, weight, type of jewels, karats of the item as well as anything else which prospective buyers will want to know when bidding on the item.

After all of the information on the item has been uploaded to the jewelry auctions online, you can start the auction and wait for the cash to start rolling in!

It’s easy to see how sellers using jewelry auctions online can benefit from some quick cash by placing their jewelry collection up for sale, however, one of the biggest concerns from jewelry sellers using online auction houses is that they aren’t sure about the value of their items. In order for sellers using jewelry auctions online to get the most out of their jewelry, they can either have it professionally appraised by an expert, which will usually cost them even more money, or simply have the online auction house consign their jewelry for them.

Consigning with jewelry auctions online can be one of the best options for those who have jewelry that they want to sell, but aren’t sure about the value of their jewelry or aren’t sure how to go about doing it. Next, we’ll look at all of the benefits of consigning with jewelry auctions online.