Should I Buy, Sell or Consign in a Luxury Watch Auction?

People who love their luxury and designer watches accept no substitute for elegance, precision, and quality made time-keeping machinery. No matter what luxury or designer watch you enjoy most, a luxury watch auction at a reputable luxury auction house will have plenty of benefits for those who want to buy a new watch, sell their old watch, or simply consign their watch.

Should I Buy in a Luxury Watch Auction?

If you are a collector of luxury and designer watches then a luxury watch auction is the best place to find a new piece to add to your collection. The great thing about a luxury watch auction is that you never know what rare or collectible item you will find listed for auction from one day to the next. Many times the buyers in a luxury watch auction will be able to find the luxury or designer watch that they have been dreaming of at a price that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

The benefits for buyers in a luxury watch auction are so alluring that a majority of people who buy in a luxury watch auction end up returning to find more unbeatable deals on rare and collectible luxury or designer watches. But do the same benefits exist for sellers?

Should I Sell in a Luxury Watch Auction?

Selling in a luxury watch auction online can be tricky. If you have an older watch and it has wear and tear from daily use, then your watch might be worth a lot less than you think. Even luxury watch collectors who have kept their watches in pristine condition can find out that their luxury watch, which was once the best on the market but still looks as good as the day it was purchased, has slightly decreased in value over time.

This is why if you are the owner of a designer watch, you may be apprehensive about selling it in a luxury watch auction. One tip for sellers in a luxury watch auction is to look at the history of past auctions at the reputable luxury auction house you plan on listing in a luxury watch auction and see if there are any auctions for items similar to the one you plan of selling. You can plan on listing your own luxury watch auction listing around the same price, however, notice what the closing bid was as well as the date of the auction. If the date was more than a few years ago, chances are that the value of your watch is much different than the one in that past auction.

Many luxury watch sellers are also surprised to find out that the watch that the sold in an online auction house was actually worth quite a bit more than what it sold for in the auction. This often happens when the watch that they are selling has since been discontinued by the manufacturer or is a limited edition watch.

One way that luxury watch sellers are able to list their watch at an accurate price in online auctions is by having their luxury watches professionally appraised by someone they trust. Most sellers of luxury watches find that a much easier way of selling their watches for a fair price in a luxury watch auction is by consigning with the auction house.

Should I Consign in a Luxury Watch Auction?

Consigning in a luxury watch auction has enormous benefits for watch owners who may not know the true value of their old or unwanted luxury watches. When a luxury watch owner decides to consign their watch, they simply send it to the luxury watch auction house, who will discern the true value of the watch, and then list it for sell in their auction house at a competitive price among many other luxury items. When the watch is sold, the auction house will send the seller the money, minus a small consigning fee. This is why consigning luxury watches often yields much more money – and time – for sellers of luxury watches in online auctions.

Consigning with luxury watch auction houses is also becoming a more popular choice because it relieves watch owners of all of the duties and responsibilities of listing and selling their item in auctions. By consigning, the reputable auction house assumes all of the responsibilities involved in the auction process that the seller would normally have to do themselves.

As we can see, consigning in a luxury watch auction is a great way for people with old or unwanted luxury watches they want to sell to earn more time and money form their watch.

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