The Consign Auction – The Internet’s Best Kept Secret Revealed

We just shared with you the best secret tips and techniques for buyers to win items at the best possible price in an auction and sellers to create listing that make sure they get the most money possible for items in an auction, now we’ll share with you the internet’s best kept secret – the consign auctions.

Consign Auction Secrets Revealed

While online auctions that specialize in luxury items have some huge benefits for sellers of luxury items, consigning could be an even more effective way for sellers to save both time and money while getting rid of their used or unwanted luxury items, such as jewelry, watches, fine art, collectible coins, and much more.

When you have reputable online auctions that specializes in luxury items, usually they will offer a service called consigning. Basically, this is where, instead of creating a listing for his or her item at the auction house, the seller will simply send the auction house their item and the auction house will send them money. The seller in consign auctions are not selling their item directly to the auction house. The auction house actually creates, curates, and handles all of the responsibilities involved in a traditional online auction, then when the listing is complete, the auction house sends the winner in the listing the item and send the seller the money that their item sold for, minus a small consigning fee.

So what is the secret to consigning luxury items with reputable auctions? The secret is that consigning is much quicker, much easier, and more often than naught will bring in more money than if a seller were to create their own listing for their luxury item. Because the auctioneers has a team of dedicated professions who have been selling items for years, your item is in good hands. Not only will they save you all of the time involved in making and managing a listing on your own, because they have seen many types of items come and go in their online auctions, consigning your item with them will usually result in more money for your item because the auction house can assess the true value for your luxury item.

How Much Are Consign Fees?

Luxury item online auctions will charge a small fee for consigning your item. This is because of the time it takes to create a winning listing for your item and shipping it out to the winner of the auction. The consigning fee will be a small percentage of the total amount that the item was sold for, which is only more of a motivator for online auctions to sell your item for as much as possible because they get a tiny cut, after which they send the original seller all of the money for their item.