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The three items you should buy from live auctioneers

Auctions may have once been the domain of the super rich and wealthy, but as the online auction marketplace is growing more and more people are heading to auction sites in search of items they would have traditionally purchased at a brick-and-mortar store. While it may still be worth it to head to your local mall for a shopping spree, if you’re looking for something specific it’s always a good idea to check out what live auctioneers are offering.

Everyone knows live auctioneers are where you buy art or other collectibles, but did you know there is so much else you can get at auctions for great bargains?

Electronic items and gadgets

When you head to your local electronics store, there’s a chance you are paying much more than an item is worth because of the exorbitant markups they tend to charge. Live Auctioneers, on the other hand, start the bidding at a low price and go up as competition gets fierce. But on an item that isn’t too sought after, the price is likely not to go too high meaning you can become the winning bidder. Of course, this makes more sense if you’re buying a gadget that is otherwise very expensive. For a $40 toaster, it’s better to head simply to an actual store since the mark up can’t be too high anyway and at an auction too you are likely to receive a similar price.

Designer handbags

Not everyone is willing to (or has the money to) spend big bucks on designer handbags. How many times have you walked into a designer outlet, looked around and then walked out empty handed?

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to buy a Hermès Birkin at a discount in a market that is so competitive. But other brands such as Alexander Wang and Valentino may be yours at half the price of what you would encounter at a store. Your best bet is a police auction site that auctions seized goods because one day they might auction a whole load of the same brand’s handbags.

Other live auctioneers, such as London Gallery Auctions, frequently auction off old designer handbags for a fraction of the original price. While the bags may come from earlier collections, if you’re looking for a great bargain this is your best bet.

Diamond Jewelry

While rare antique and vintage jewelry may often be sought after by collectors, live auctioneers are a great place to find bargains on the diamond and other fine jewelry. This is especially true if you’re buying at a small auction site because the size of the house means there won’t be too much competition. At auctions, the price goes up from a base price based on race. If you’re bidding at a small auction site that specializes in jewelry, odds are they will have a significant number of lots to offer, so the number of buyers for each lot is likely to go down.

When you’re participating in a live auction, you will be able to view the bids as they go up. Some fantastic items may not have too many bidders, (for a variety of reasons) and this may be your chance to step up and acquire a piece for much less than you would have at a traditional store.

This is no by no means an exhaustive list of all the exceptional deals you can potentially find with live auctioneers. But if you’re looking for bargains in gadgets, jewelry, and designer handbags then an online auction is just where you should be looking.